What We Do

Spirit’s Mission works with remote, isolated, or underserved BC First Nation communities to create long-term, sustainable animal management plans for the health and safety of both people and animals

Animal management is an ongoing struggle for many First Nations communities in BC.

Many people have limited resources, are isolated and have no access to veterinary care. As a result, animal populations become unmanageable, and animals can suffer from disease, neglect, and death. Science, research, consultation and experience have taught us that spay and neutering alone is not effective. To succeed, a comprehensive approach is needed.

We support and help communities to develop long term sustainable animal management plans. This may include:
  • Rehoming stray animals
  • Development of bylaws or Tribal laws
  • Knowledge-sharing programs on dog/cat behaviour and care
  • Development of an emergency pet-food bank
  • Access to veterinary care (spay, neuter, vaccinations, deworming, injuries, etc.)


Management Plans

Our joint partnerships can help create a successful animal management plan template.

While each community is separate and distinct, the animal management plan can be shared as best practices that can be used by many communities.

As a registered charity, we depend on donations from individuals who believe in our mission. We cannot do what we do without the help of our community supporters.

With your support, together we can create a more humane society.

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