URGENT APPEAL: Poppy needs your help!


All she wanted was for the pain to stop.

She was a yellow lab cross, under a year old and living in an isolated community with no veterinarian services; a community Spirit’s Mission Rescue Society serves, thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.

Every day, the little dog followed a young boy to school. But on one fateful day, she was hit by a vehicle. She suffered severe trauma – deep slashes to a back leg and what appeared to be road rash, most likely from being dragged by the vehicle.  At first, it was thought she suffered a broken leg.

The little dog lay many, many days, even weeks, in excruciating pain, holding her injured leg close to her body because all she wanted was for the pain to stop as her injuries were left entirely untreated.

The little dog’s family finally did the right thing because they knew that Spirit’s Mission could help relieve her pain.  After so much suffering, she was taken to Nechako Valley Animal Health Services (NVAHS) in Vanderhoof, where she was signed over to our ownership and care.  The wonderful NVAHS staff immediately went to work, giving her sedation and pain medication, antibiotics for a raging infection and taking X-rays of her injured body.

Luckily, the dog’s leg was not broken, but because she held her leg close to her body to protect it from further pain, the leg had begun to heal in all the wrong places.  Her injured leg was 2 inches shorter than the other back leg, and all her muscle and tissues were twisted, causing even more pain.

This little dog, now re-named Poppy because she was rescued in the days just before Remberance Day, has received life-saving surgery from NVAHS and will regain full function of her leg.  Spirit’s Mission is committed to paying for her medical care and overseeing the long period of recovery that will be needed.  She will need ongoing vet care for several weeks, including painful dressing changes.  When she is strong enough, she will be spayed, vaccinated and then Spirit’s Mission will go to work finding this little angel a loving fur-ever home of her own.

Poppy’s medical costs will be well over $3,000, plus transportation costs to get her to a larger community where Spirit’s Mission can find her that home.

If you can help with medical, post-operative and transportation costs, Poppy will be fur-ever grateful.  She will be giving big high-paws for the amazing care that NVAHS has given her, and the Spirit’s Mission volunteers who will foster her during her recovery. She will also send a big snuggly thank you to Willow from Crooked Leg Ranch, who will be helping with Poppy’s immediate recovery until she is well enough to travel to the foster home.

Please donate today to help with Poppy’s recovery. We offer our deepest thanks, because it is animals like Poppy that are lucky enough to find a new life because of your continued support.


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