UPDATE: Poppy gets her first massage!

Back in November, we introduced you to Poppy, one of our recent rescues who required extensive medical treatment after being hit by a car. In December, we showed you just how far Poppy had come in her rehabilitation, as she enjoyed a snowy winter walk with her foster mom.

Earlier this month, Poppy had her first massage and red light therapy appointment, both designed to help improve the mobility in her injured leg and help the wound, which is still open, to better heal.

Here are some photos from Poppy’s treatment – she looks pretty relaxed!



Poppy’s wound continues to┬áheal very well and her mobility has dramatically improved. In fact, it is our hope that she’ll be ready for regular exercise within the next month or so!

Our girl has come such a long way – and we must thank her amazing foster mom, Willow, for providing such dedicated and loving care during Poppy’s rehabilitation, as well as our donors who have so generously contributed to Poppy’s medical costs. Poppy thanks you too!


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