Providing preventative medication to keep pets healthy

In early February, Spirit’s Mission got the call. There were five dogs wandering in an isolated community in northern B.C. that did not seem to have homes and were looking for food.

Spirit’s Mission’s first priority is to always try and keep pets with their families, but if there are no homes, we will relocate pets to fur-ever homes.

As it turned out, one dog did have a home, and two dogs found homes in the community. The two remaining dogs were turned over to Spirit’s Mission and were named Oscar and Felix.

Oscar Feb 2017 Packing 8 mos old  Felix Feb 2017 Packing 8 mos old

After a check-up with Nechako Valley Animal Health Services, Oscar and Felix were transported to southern B.C. to be placed in foster homes until adopted. Once there, the dogs also received another check-up with a veterinarian. The re-check found that one had a mild case of Demodex Mange. This is the type of mange that cannot be transmitted to another dog or human. Demodex Mange is usually the result of an animal having a compromised immune system from not getting enough nourishment, or who are sick, or who are heavily infested with ticks or fleas. Mange can be very itchy but it is also very treatable.

Spirit’s Mission followed up with the community in northern B.C. and worked with them to educate the community with information pamphlets, and to provide preventative treatment if any family was concerned their pets may have mange as well.

Over the last few weeks, preventative medication was shipped to the community, and to let them know that a booster dosage of medication would be available during our Wellness Clinic 2017.

Because of the support of our volunteers and donations, not only did Oscar and Felix get a chance to find fur-ever homes, but many families were given the opportunity to have healthier pets. On behalf of all of them, thank you for your continued support!

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