Spirit’s Mission is a group of dedicated and experienced animal professionals that partners with isolated and under-served First Nations and surrounding communities for the health and wellness of companion animals and to enhance the human/pet bond.

Our ultimate goal is to help communities create a self-sustaining animal management plan with the resources and tools to keep companion animal populations healthy and to prevent pet overpopulation.

We do this by:

  • providing veterinarian care, including spay/neuter, microchip, vaccination, parasite control and other medical care
  • rehoming animals when their families can no longer provide for their care
  • rescuing animals that have been injured or abandoned
  • educating community members, particularly focussing on youth, for the care of pets
  • providing emergency pet food banks
  • partnering with other rescue organizations to enhance and continue our work

We work to create and continuously improve a successful template of our operations that can be used by partner agencies.

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  1. Maxina H. von Herbing DVM says:

    Hello. As a vet licensed in BC with experience volunteering with the Chinook Project in Labrador……how may I become more involved with your organisation?

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