Spirit’s Mission is a group of dedicated and experienced animal professionals promoting a highly innovative Wellness and Sterilization program for companion animals who reside on BC First Nations communities.

We are investigating sterilization implants for female canines and chemical sterilization for male canines that would provide the ability to complete a comprehensive dog population management program in remote areas where veterinarian access is extremely limited or not available. 

At this time, have been in consultation with Dr. Judith Samson-French, who is the Founder of Dogs With No Names.   Dr. Samson-French uses female canine implants in Alberta First Nations communities and is sourcing a way that Spirit’s Mission may obtain these implants. For male chemical sterilization, we have communicated with Ark Sciences  to ascertain the import of this drug into Canada.  This requires approval through Health and Welfare Canada and a special permit.As of this writing, both avenues are being explored with a target for the female implant to be available to our organization as of spring or summer 2014.  The male chemical sterilization may take longer depending upon governmental rules and regulations.Should Spirit’s Mission have access to only one form of alternative sterilization (implants) then off site sterilization of males would be arranged through transport services.The Wellness Clinic would comprise of the following;

  • Exam
  • Implant
  • Micro Chip implanted females and/or males who have had chemical sterilization
  • Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • De-worming
  • Flea control
  • Other medical services as required; antibiotics, eye treatment, minor wound care, etc.

Furthermore, information on responsible animal guardianship is lacking in many First Nations communities and Spirit’s Mission’s presence in a partner community coupled with education at the clinic and in schools raises the profile of the healthy relationship between community members and companion animals.

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  1. Maxina H. von Herbing DVM says:

    Hello. As a vet licensed in BC with experience volunteering with the Chinook Project in Labrador……how may I become more involved with your organisation?

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