First Spay Neuter Clinic a Success!

The INAUGURAL Spirit’s Mission Spay, Neuter and Animal Wellness clinic at Saik’uz First Nation May 30 and 31st, 2015 was a huge success. 30 Dogs and 10 Cats were sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed and 51 Wellness Exams were conducted including vaccinations and deworming. Saik’uz First Nation has taken initiative and has been proactive in dealing with pet issues such as straying, disease and overpopulation by inviting us to work within their community. We couldn’t have done this clinic without the extraordinary Dr. Sylvia Hall Andrews. She spent many hours getting the requisite approvals and organizing this clinic. We also couldn’t have done it without our supportive Veterinary and Rescue Partners Petroglyph Animal Hospital,Nechako Valley Animal Health Services (nvahs), Crooked Leg Ranch, and Victoria Humane Society. Also Dr. Ken Seaman from Puntledge Veterinary Clinic provided excellent wellness service. To all the volunteers, vets, vet techs, vet assistants and all who made this happen. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!885949_10153214110835589_3733873754325230305_o 1504366_10153214110550589_1369574908539102584_o 1801401_10153214111060589_1588038386210544355_o 10012033_10153214112010589_1118915568715914107_o 10498116_10153214115445589_5861375666388384288_o 11061731_10153214111015589_2823643547014983663_o 11113900_10153214110615589_1952490290532587048_o 11141114_10153214111625589_4411782294431456528_o 11218229_10153214116015589_1396373455738321892_o 11219460_10153214111400589_2914334074655363575_o 11270411_10153214115730589_7060817694338050572_o 11313140_10153214116105589_1324494421551011198_o 11334123_10153214111275589_7141979469167783525_o 11336868_10153214110780589_6238141960454827323_o 11336967_10153214112070589_6129550867137867627_o

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