2017 Year in Review: A heartfelt thank you from our president

I am watching the snow fall, and thinking of the accomplishments we have made in 2017. We have been busy at Spirit’s Mission Rescue Society.


This past spring, we once again visited Saik’uz, outside of Vanderhoof. Time has gone by swiftly – we are entering our 5th year of our 5 year agreement in 2018. We have developed a strong partnership with the Band and Council. We have visited the community every spring, providing a Wellness Clinic that includes veterinarian check ups, dental exams, vaccinations, micro chipping and grooming. During the year, we also continue to provide spay and neuter assistance for the community animals, and rehome those who can no longer be cared for at home.

All because of your donations and support!


During the summer, Spirit’s Mission volunteers answered the call for help during the devastating BC wildfires. Vicki McDonald and I deployed to Kamloops and 100 Mile. I was focused on the dog and cat shelter in Kamloops (and various birds and rodents), while Vicki coordinated the movement of animals out of the fire evacuation zones, and transferred them to safety in Kamloops.


The hours were long, from 12 to 24 hour shifts, without any days to rest. Our hearts were broken for the animals evacuated, and elated for all of those who we brought to safety and reunited them with their families.


Spirit’s Mission Rescue has also become a member of the Animal Welfare Network in BC, a partnership with Paws for Hope to set new standards for rescues across BC. Part of this is supporting the ban on the sales of dogs and cats in pet stores, that are not rescued animals, but animals bred for profit.

Our Board has also reviewed plans for 2018, and more will be coming about that soon.

Throughout the year we also continue to help animals in need of medical attention. Our most recent case involved a beagle, who suffered widespread infection after being attacked by a pack of dogs. We are happy to report he is now healed and loving life in a new home. Thanks again to Victoria Humane Society for their ongoing assistance and partnership in this case and others throughout the year!

beagle beagle3

We are so grateful to be able to help all these animals – all because of your support! From all of us at Spirit’s Mission, and the animals and families we serve, we would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

Here’s to more good things to come in 2018!

Joanne Caldwell
Spirit’s Mission Rescue Society

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