Spirit’s Mission helps isolated communities, who ask for support and resources, to create  healthy animal populations and increase community safety by preventing dog and human conflicts. Our help can be through spay/neuter and animal wellness clinics, and helping the community to develop their own long term, self-sustaining animal management plans.

Together, we can help by:

  • bringing veterinarian care, including spay/neuter, microchip, vaccination, parasite control and other medical care
  • rehoming animals when their families can no longer provide for their care
  • helping animals that have been injured or abandoned
  • customizing education programs, particularly focussing on youth, for the care of pets
  • helping to fill emergency pet food banks
  • providing workshops that allows communities to plan for, and ensure continuation of, a healthy companion animal population
  • partnering with other rescue organizations to enhance and continue our work together

Our joint partnerships can create and continuously improve a successful template of that can be used by other communities.

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  1. Maxina H. von Herbing DVM says:

    Hello. As a vet licensed in BC with experience volunteering with the Chinook Project in Labrador……how may I become more involved with your organisation?

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